The strengths of natural hard stone

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, our diverse decorative sands and chippings for use in concrete products offer many functional advantages. They are resistant to environmental influences, and ensure safe, non-slip and, above all, durable surfaces – whether they are used to finish fairfaced concrete in façades, interiors, pavement slabs, paving stones or concrete furniture. Many pedestrian zones, railway station squares and other public and private outdoor spaces have been designed with our decorative materials. In addition to the sands and chippings, we are continually developing our product range. Today, our product lines granomix®face, granostar®face and granolux®face offer our customers a wide range of design possibilities.

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Our various decorative chippings and sands are pure, natural products that we excavate exclusively from our own quarries in the Odenwald.


Different grain sizes and colours can be combined as desired to create an utterly individual and lively surface experience.


The natural appearance with enhanced glimmer effect offers one-of-akind design possibilities for modern surfaces with high design standards.


The ultrafine 0.1 to 1.0 mm grain size of this new product line makes it possible to achieve particularly dense surfaces with a unique feel.


Quartz looks like an uncut diamond – and like a diamond, it is among the hardest raw materials in the world.