RÖHRIGgranit® is an owner-managed family business with around 90 employees at three locations. Team spirit is important to us. We respect and appreciate each other, and also trust each other personally.

We offer our employees a sports promotion program, a free lunch, and a comprehensive health program. People from 13 nations work at RÖHRIGgranit®. In order to facilitate their integration, we offer them free German lessons.

We regard the continuous training and professional development of our employees as the most important foundation for the development of the entire company.

We promote and support the family spirit. Employees in administration benefit from flexible working hours. We have tailored the regional responsibilities of the sales representatives in such a way that they can arrange their private lives according to their preferences despite their travel activities.

We involve our employees in the company’s activities
Example: the social rooms at Röhrig’s headquarters in Heppenheim are being renovated: larger washrooms, a new kitchen, a spacious canteen. Röhrig does not just do this, but invites his employees to a planning workshop. Fifty-four ideas came together, all of which were discussed with the architect before the first drafts were produced. Then, a second workshop was needed. Somehow, it wasn’t so easy to reconcile everything, but we finally made it.