Corporate health management

Health prevention plays an important role with RÖHRIGgranit®. We run an extensive health program, including sports promotion programs and regular health days.

In order to support our employees with a healthy diet, we supply them with free mineral water at their workplace in summer, distribute fruit over the winter months, and offer a high-quality free lunch.


We offer a free lunch to which everyone is invited. RÖHRIGgranit® employees can choose from a wide range of lunch dishes every day. These range from cold and vegetarian to “gourmet” dishes. During the winter months, the management supplies fruit to the employees, and beverages during the summer.

Employee sports

Healthy working environments in which people are motivated, efficient, and content to work for themselves and for the company’s success, are important success factors today.

We think ahead. In view of constant change, lack of skilled workers, demographic change, and increasing complexity, we would like to contribute to the promotion of the health of our employees. For this reason, the company subsidizes membership in fitness studios.