Working with the color-fast products creates outstanding final products with a distinctive design.


The transparent or color-coated high-quality grainings are suitable for designing special outdoor areas, but also for ideas for indoor environments.


Quartz looks like an uncut diamond – and like a diamond, it is among the hardest raw materials in the world.

Technical information on our products

Our products are exclusively natural products. Therefore, natural variations in color are to be expected. The versatility of the mineral raw materials results in different characteristics. If possible, the material from a single production batch should be used for an object in order to keep natural color variations to a minimum.

We will be pleased to inform and advise you on which products are suitable for your purposes. Should you have any specific requirements, please contact us in writing prior to processing your order. Our application technology department is there to assist you with detailed questions.

In order to achieve a better homogeneity of the material during processing, we recommend that you thoroughly mix the entire material to be used before processing. Transport and handling can lead to segregation.

Please note that despite modern technology, slight color deviations may occur between the image and the product.

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Our sales and delivery conditions apply exclusively to all orders.