Micro surfacing (thin cold layers, DSK)

Mirco surfacing (DSK) is the economical solution for smooth and thinning road surfaces. The asphalt for DSK consists of a graded mixture of fine and coarse aggregates, a polymer-modified bitumen emulsion, cement, additives, and water.

RÖHRIGgranit® offers the grain mixtures according to the requirements of this construction method. These are moist and homogeneously defined mixtures with a constant water content. The optimum polished stone value (PSV) of the Röhrig granite achieves a very good grip.

The following objectives are to be achieved with the DSK coating:

  • improvement of smoothness (removal of ruts)
  • increased or restored grip
  • extension of service life (approx. 10 years) of worn-out, brittle asphalt surfaces
Grain sizes
0.0–3.0 mm
0.0–5.0 mm
0.0–8.0 mm