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25 years with Röhrig

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After 25 years with the company, Herr Maier was bade farewell by the management in a small ceremony. At the chippings plant, he worked mainly as a mechanic, dump truck driver, and for a long time as an excavator driver. Mr. Maier was very diligent, helpful, committed and very reliable. We wish Herr Maier all the best, and the best of health in order to enjoy his retirement. He is always welcome here, and we are looking forward to his visit!

Farewell to well-deserved retirement

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Frau Maria Helmprecht and her husband Horst Helmprecht were just in time  bid farewell to their well-deserved retirement.
Frau Helmprecht worked for us for 35 years as a cleaner in our plant in Sonderbach. Since 2002, her husband supported her actively. At a small farewell party, the management thanked the couple for their long years of loyalty and reliability.

The entire RÖHRIG team wishes the Helmprechts all the best for their future, and an extra portion of health, so that they can enjoy their new phase of life to the full.

The first RÖHRIG pensioner regulars’ table has taken place

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On May 4, 2018, the time had finally come. Fifteen former employees came to Kirschhausen to meet together with Gerhard, Inge, Marco, and Jovita Röhrig in the restaurant “Zur Alten Mühle”. Helga Schüler had the longest way to travel. Respect! At the age of 83, she came all the way from Bad Füssing. The oldest former employee was our plant manager at the time, Hans Röhrig, aged 86. Already at the age of 14, he started his work in the “Lärche” quarry, the natural stone plant of the Josef Röhrig company. Most of the “former employees” worked with Röhrig for more than 10, 20, 30, and 40 years. The joy of meeting again was great and cordial. In a cosy and familiar atmosphere, with tasty food, a lively exchange about the “good old times” with funny, beautiful, serious, but also sad stories was possible. Old photos and photo albums were looked at with enthusiasm, and anecdotes were told. People liked to remember old times, also various people who could be seen in the photos, as well as celebrations and excursions they had experienced together.

But there was also great interest on the part of the former employees to find out how Röhrig is doing today. What’s new? What’s special? Are there any new products? What investments are planned? How many employees are there today? It was a very nice and memorable evening – everyone enjoyed it! The “pensioners’ regular’s table” was thus brought to life, and will now take place once a year. We are looking forward to the next reunion, and hope that everyone will stay healthy.